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Universal Audio 2192 Master Digital Audio Interface (used)

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The 2192 takes an array of versatile digital interfacing, conversion and clocking features, and adds a hint of unexpectedly analogue character...

Universal Audio are something of a double‑edged company. On the one hand, they're well known for their highly respected digital signal-processing plug‑ins, modelled on a wide range of classic analogue hardware. On the other, they're equally well known for their own analogue hardware products, such as the classic UA (and Urei) preamps, compressors and channel strips. There aren't many companies that can stand so proudly in both the digital and analogue camps.

The 2192 Master Digital Audio interface I'm reviewing here isn't new — it's been on the market since 2003, in fact — but somehow it's fallen through our net until now. This device is unique in Universal Audio's product line-up, in that it combines the company's expertise in both digital and analogue technologies to provide a high-performance stereo A‑D and independent D‑A in a 1U rackmount box. The 2192 is styled with a vintage look about it, and operates in a very logical and simple way, while still providing very versatile functionality. Its full name provides a hint as to its intended market.