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Radial JD7 Injector 2-In, 7-Out Signal Routing System for Guitarist (used)

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2-In, 7-Out Signal Routing System for Guitarists, with Class A Ciruitry and Balanced I/O

Getting the Right Guitar Sound has Never Been Easier!

How do they get that huge guitar sound in the studio? We get that question a lot. The answer is recording a guitar through several different amplifiers and cabinets simultaneously. The next question is how to get a unique guitar sound? MIDI keyboards have had the advantage of being able to stack sounds from different synths in order to create new sounds, but what about guitar? Now that there are so many pre-packaged sounds, how do guitar players create a unique and original sound? To this end, the Radial JD7 Injector allows the user to combine amplifiers, effect pedals and modeling devices to create new, never before sounds that excite the user and help spur on the creative process. 



Radial JD7 Injector at a Glance:

  • 2-in, 7-out signal routing system for guitarists.
  • One-touch super intuitive operation of all functions.
  • Class-A circuit, Jensen Transformer isolated outputs.
  • Natural sound does not introduce artifacts to the signal.
  • Drag control re-creates guitar to amp relationship.
  • Balanced I/O - remix new sounds from dry tracks.

Creative Routing for Guitar
The Radial JD7 Injector is a creative recording tool disguised as a guitar signal distribution amplifier that allows a guitar signal to drive as many as seven amplifiers simultaneously without loss or coloration. The concept of driving many amplifiers at the same time has been a dream for many. In fact, audio distribution amplifiers have been around for years. The problem is that they have for the most part, been designed to work with balanced line level signals and are unsuitable for guitar. Why? Simple: guitars are high impedance, noise generating, finicky instruments that range from vintage low level single coil pick-ups to high output active humbucking devices. And most challenging of all is the demands guitarists put on equipment manufacturers to produce the sound they want or in the case of the JD7 - to not change the original tone of the instrument. 

Instrument Input Section
Front panel control makes selecting amplifiers, ground paths and polarity (phase reversal) easy. The Radial JD7 also features a 600-Ohm balanced direct output to allow the engineer to record a dry guitar track or to use the JD7 as a direct box. A balanced input allows a pre-recorded track to be sent back into the JD7 which can then drive amplifiers, effect pedals and other devices. The JD7 is equipped with two selectable inputs. An 8dB pad on Input 2 allows the use of high output instruments such as active guitars or keyboards. A red clipping LED indicator is also provided.

Class A Design
The Radial JD7 was designed from the ground-up to sound right, starting with a high, 1-meg Ohm input circuit impedance to emulate a classic vintage amplifier. This reduces pick-up loading while achieving maximum bandwidth. A FET driven, Class-A input circuit (no op-amps) is combined with the world's finest Jensen Transformers to distribute the original signal at unity gain to all seven outputs without artifact. Class-A circuits are the preferred choice by audiophiles due to their ability to re-create sound without artifact. 

Radial does not believe in changing the sound of a '57 Strat or '62 Les Paul. That's why the JD7 produces clean, natural sound with virtually zero harmonic, phase and inter-modulation distortion. In other words you get out exactly what you put in: nothing altered, nothing changed. 

Drag Control
Drag Control: Designed to compensate for the natural relationship that occurs between the guitar and the amplifier. Drag control lets you 'dial in the imperfection' so that it sounds just right.

Balanced I/O
The JD7 Injector gets its name from the very fact that you can 'inject' the guitar signal into endless combinations of amps and effects to create rich textures for stereo or even 5.1 surround for film production.

Channel 1 - Direct out: Channel 1 is your direct line to your 'clean' guitar amplifier. It is activated with a quiet shorting switch that does not 'pop' when engaged and is equipped with an LED for a visual indication the channel is selected. The ground (earth) is directly coupled to the guitar and main amplifier here.

Channels 2, 3 and 4: Primary amp driver channels - Transformer isolated, outputs 2, 3 and 4 feature Jensen transformers for ground hum elimination without affecting signal quality. The Jensen transformer's legendary Bessel curve provides virtually zero phase deviation and because they handle tremendous gain before saturation, you can drive the JD7 with hot signals, such as those from instruments such as acoustic guitar preamps, active basses and keyboards, without worry.

These channels each have an on-off activation switch with LED indicator, and a chassis ground lift for complete isolation; very desirable for use with those noisy old vintage tube amps that we 'love to hate to love' for their sound. The polarity reverse switches on these channels, besides just being practical, add tremendous new dimensions to explore when you are using several amps or sound sources together.

Channel 5 and 6: Primary amp driver channels with effects loops - In addition to all the great features of Channels-2, 3 and 4, Channels-5 and 6 each have an individually selectable effects loop. This allows an additional level of signal routing versatility. You could, for example, run a distortion box with a flanger on the Channel-5 effects loop and a chorus with reverb on the Channel-6 effects loop into each of your amplifier's two input channels (or two separate amps). Quickly monitor any or all 'dry' or 'wet' signals by simply pressing the respective channel and effects loop buttons on the JD7. Imagine the possibilities...

Raidal JD7 Injector Features:

  • Dual Input Switch selects between guitars. Also activates the ballanced input switch on the rear panel.
  • Drag control reintroduces the natural loading that occurs between your amplifier & guitar.
  • Clip LED indicator keeps your signal out of the distortion zone!
  • -8dB pad on input-2 for high output instruments like keyboards & active basses.
  • Output #1 is the primary output and is always connected for primary grounding.
  • ID strips for easy identification of channels - write on these with a removable marker.
  • On-off switch with LED indicator on each output for quick visual reference.
  • Ground lift & polarity reverse switches on outputs 2 to 6 to stop hum and correct phase of amps & effects.
  • Effect loop switches for outputs 5 & 6 lets you insert effects and do a/b sound comparisons.
  • Jensen transformer equiped outputs for optimum audio fidelity and 100% isolation with no ground loops.
  • Welded 14-gauge steel frame with baked enamel finish for maximum durability.
  • Innovative cable lock for the 15V DC power supply protects from accidental un-pluggings.
  • An all discreet Class-A circuit is used for highest signal integrity. There are NO op-amps in the signal path!
  • Separate send & return jacks for channels 5 & 6 to insert two independant and switchable effect loops.
  • Separate Ground lifts for the XLR balanced Line-In and Line-Out connectors.
  • Variable input level control allows precise level setting for playback of previosly recorded tracks.
  • Balanced XLR input allows recorded dry tracks to be sent through the JD7 to feed several amps or effects.
  • 180degrees polarity reverse flips Pin-2 and Pin-3 at the XLR output.
  • Balanced XLR output is used to send a dry track to a recording device.
  • Aux 'Direct' output is always on and is typically used for a guitar tuner.

The Radial JD7 is a powerful tool that has been designed to spur on the creative process of making music. It is simple to use and without compromise. With the touch of a button, complete new sounds explode from your imagination giving way to a new creative process.