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Fostex D-15 Professional Timecode DAT (used) Digital Recorder

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D-15 Professional Timecode DAT

Based on technology first seen in the market leading D-10, the D-15 features 8 Mbit of DRAM on-card to provide instant start, ‘RAM scrub’ and ‘RAM repeat’ with 1 ms accuracy for precision cueing with advanced jog/shuttle techniques. In addition, this facility has been utilised to provide the simulated ‘vari-speed’ required to enable a linear DAT transport to perform the chase synchronisation offered when the optional 8335 timecode expansion card is fitted.

The 8335 card enables the D-15 to playback and assemble record externally generated timecode, as with the D-10, which is essential for, say, ‘spinning in’ timecoded audio program material to a digital audio editing system. Furthermore, the 8335 card brings the D-15's new chase mode into its own by synchronising to external LTC when playing back with the option of referencing to external Word, Video and AES/EBU.

Fostex's reputation for ergonomic design is enhanced in the D-15's clear and concise front panel which features a large multi-function fluorescent display with 7 modes (5 different time scales plus ‘non-hold’ and ‘permanent’) of peak metering, soft touch illuminated transport keys, a large jog/shuttle wheel and the logical layout other buttons and switches.

The D-15 is equipped with a full compliment of all standard audio interfaces such as balanced +4dBu XLR I/Os and -10dBV RCA connectors as well as standards not often implemented on a machine in this class.
AES/EBU and optical S/P-DIF are provided along with a 37-pin parallel interface for connection to cabled remote controls. Also a General Purpose Interface (GPI) is present - useful for remote and fader starts plus S-ID location - while the optional 8336 RS-422 card allows control of the machine via 9-pin protocol.

With such a comprehensive feature-set from a company with an unrivalled DAT pedigree, the D-15 is the perfect solutions machine.

In Detail

  • 4-motor transport for ultra-fast tape shuttling (120 minute tape in 60 seconds)
  • Full S-ID implementation including write & erase of S-ID, SKIP-ID & END-ID plus locate to S-ID, program number & user defined points (100 locations available)
  • Selectable reference levels: -12, -18 & -20dB with fine recording level adjustment on each channel
  • 18bit 64x oversampling A/D & 20bit 128x oversampling D/A converters 
  • Front panel ‘lock-out’ via software command prevents unauthorised access
  • D-SUB 37-pin parallel remote port provided as standard for optional controllers i.e. Fostex Model RMC-2 Remote
  • SCMS free
  • Optional Model 8335 Timecode/sync card
  • Optional Model 8336 RS-422 Serial card
- See more at: http://www.fostexinternational.com/docs/archive_products/D-15.shtml#sthash.kerqCDRX.dpuf