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Radial Phazer Phase-Alignment Moduler 500 Series PhazerQ (used)

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500 Series Modules, Radial Style!

Radial's Phazer module aligns two source signals and restores that big, full sound you've been lacking because of phase issues. Combine a direct signal from a bass with the sound of its miked amp cabinet, or align two mic signals. This unit works wonders for your studio sound. The Phazer also includes a direct unprocessed output. The Phazer behaves like a very powerful EQ that lets you create exciting new tones that will set your recordings apart.


Radial Phazer Phase-Alignment Module Features:

  • Phase align any two signals for natural tone.
  • Create exciting radical EQ curves
  • 100% discreet analogue with Class A circuitry
  • Variable lowpass filter to focus fundamentals

Powerful phase correction tool for the 500 Series with Radial's Phazer!