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Lexicon PCM 41 Digital Delay (used)

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This Vintage Lexicon Digital Delay Processor, model  PCM-41 is in good working and playing condition and has been fully tested by our electronics shop.

  • The Lexicon PCM 41 is one of the first 1U digital audio delays on the market, dating back to the early 80s dawn of of digital audio.  Like most of the early delay units, the 41 provided modulation effects (chorus, flanging, etc..) by varying the sample rate of the device.  Though the converters are only 12 bit, most people agree that they sound very good.  It's a testament to the sound and quality of the design and manufacture of these devices that many are still in use 30+ years later.  
  • Cosmetic condition of the unit is fair with normal signs of wear from use and rack-mounting.